Our Mission

We’ve set out to power purpose in every business worldwide

We’re embracing a new decade where charitable goodness can be built into every transaction in support of causes on both a global and local level.

Our Mission

Our foundational belief at Percent has been and always will be that in the future, every financial transaction will have social and environmental value built into its purpose.

This future is fast becoming reality. Us, the consumers, now expect businesses to have purpose beyond profit and we vote with our wallets as to who is doing this best. Companies are realising that to remain relevant in the 2020s, they must build purpose into their businesses.

To empower them, we are building the most efficient global charitable disbursement rails, accessible via an API, to make building purpose into digital products as easy as just a few lines of code. We are now powering fundraising platforms, banks, and crypto wallets by helping them build purpose into what they do. Percent is available globally and can disburse funds to over 5.7m non-profits across 200+ countries.

The future of better business, where doing good is truly better, is fast approaching. We are excited to power this future.

Our Product

The Purpose Stack

We’ve broken down our platform into three core layers that solve the essential business challenges of building purpose into your business.


Build makes it easy to add purposeful giving experiences to your existing tech stack operationally and technically.


Connect brings a vast network of good causes from across the world to align with your customers.


Eliminates the risk of delivering purpose by taking care of compliance, tax reporting, payments, and legal obligations.
Our Causes

We do it all for the causes that make a difference

Good causes are at the heart of what we do. We build technology to empower causes to connect with people all over the world and raise critical funding to deliver their mission.

Our Values

Building at the intersection of technology and impact

We have 3 core principles that run through everything we do.

01Purpose over profit+
02Candid and kind+
03Lemon twist+

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We are building a team who believes in a future where purpose is built into every financial transaction.

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Here are the groups that trust us to carry the torch during The Decade of Purpose.

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