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Make charitable giving and sustainability your edge to engage, retain and delight your customers.

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Your customers are not aware of your purpose

Today, 95% of businesses believe purpose is at the heart of what they do, but only 7% of consumers are aware of it — this hurts. Consumers prefer brands that they know are purposeful. Percent is everything you need to close your purpose-awareness gap.

86% of Millennials and Gen-z will swap between brands if a business’s purpose resonates with them.
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Create unique charitable giving experiences

With Percent's easy to use API's & SDK's you can quickly build many different types of giving into your products. Every product can adopt a unique journey where giving is integrated to drive NPS, engagement and customer acquisition.
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Get up and running quickly with our API

Save engineering time with our API, SDKs, and pre-built components that work with your existing tech stack. It’s quick and easy to integrate Percent using a few lines of code.


Support the causes your customers
care about

Influence customer buying behavior by giving them total choice over where their donations go—from international charities to local efforts within their own communities.

Complete Control

Track & manage 
all of your donations

Gain visibility over transactions and transfers to understand how funds are moving at any time. React to social trends as they develop, driving customers to your brand in support of their favourite causes.

Enterprise-grade security

Percent adheres to ISO27001 code compliance and bank-level standards in handling your donations.

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Giving Infrastructure

Power your giving platform with Percent's global donation rails. Leave nonprofit vetting, validation and disbursements to us.

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Let purpose take you further

Get connected with a product expert and learn about the easiest, fastest and most secure way to build charitable good into everything you do.

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