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Percent provides the global rails for giving and makes it easy for you to build good into what you do.
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    The 2020's are
    The Decade of Purpose

    The world has changed. In the 2020’s people expect businesses to put purpose at the heart of what they do.


    The Decade of Connection

    Everyone could connect and communicate instantaneously from anywhere in the world.

    The Decade of Convenience

    Consumers could get anything they wanted or needed at the touch of a screen.

    The Decade of Purpose

    Brands that put purpose at the heart of what they do will rise to the top.

    How can Percent help you?


    Easily build giving into your business

    Quickly build unique donation experiences inside your digital product using our fully-featured APIs and dashboard.

    Power your giving product with our global infrastructure

    Plug your product into a donations infrastructure that enables fast and efficient donations to any good cause globally.

    Verify impact organisations for your discount program

    Scale your impact discount program globally using Percent's global impact database. Improve conversion and ROI whilst automating manual workflows to save time and money.
    Our Mission

    We're on a mission to power purpose in every business worldwide

    We’ve processed millions of donations between brands and non-profits. Percent is now available in 200+ countries and counting.


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    Let purpose take you further

    Get connected with a product expert and learn about the easiest, fastest, and most secure way to build charitable good into everything you do.

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