Power your impact discount program with the worlds largest database of nonprofit, education & impact organizations. Leave verification and compliance checks to us.

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Specialists in global validation

Scale your impact programme to every country worldwide with a single provider — we are specialists at Nonprofit, Education & Social Impact Organisation Validations.
Automate, scale & deliver A+ experiences to the causes who love your product.

Get out of the weeds of operations, focus on more strategic work

Automate and scale your impact program, with ease. Simplify the process needed to run your program and confidently grow everything through Percent-enabled automation.

Stopping Fraud

Get total compliance peace-of-mind

Keep your program free from fraud and negative news coverage. Reduce risk to your brand and abuse of your program with Percent’s 24/7 smart-monitoring fraud, compliance and adverse media checks. All without having to lift a finger.


Flexible integration options for all builders

Set up your program in minutes with our no-code UI options or build directly into your product with our powerful API, all with modern and friendly documentation. 

Jamie Coleman Head of Nonprofit and Education

"Asana launched Percent's validation API for nonprofit and education organizations. The streamlined application process reduced our customer response by 11 days and increased our conversion rate by 10%. The Percent team is easy to work with and willing to co-create processes to support your customer and business impact goals"


Get the peace-of-mind that applicants are genuinely from the nonprofit and block potential fraud.


Provide instant verification to applicants to improve conversion rate and customer experience.


Expand your program globally to 195+ countries with confidence your verification is accurate.


Integrate Percent's verification into your existing software to automate workflows and save time and money.

Deliver A+ experiences

Automate your nonprofit discount program

Offer your product for free or at a discount to causes worldwide. Empower your team and the nonprofit, education and social impact organisations who love your product, to be the best they can be.

API setup

Connect directly to our APIs to build a fully customisable flow for your programme.

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Hosted setup

Use our hosted validation form, but brand it like your own product. Easy.

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Let purpose take you further

Get connected with a product expert and learn about the easiest, fastest, and most secure way to build charitable good into everything you do.

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