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Increase your charity's visibility & reach

Get listed in good company. Feature your cause on interfaces across millions of devices globally—and locally. Customers choose who they wish to support, empowering them to choose brands like yours that affect them directly.

Donor Analytics

Understand your donors & connect on a deeper level

Tailor your charitable giving experiences with anonymised donor insights. Soon, you’ll be able to get email opt-ins and contact information to reach out to your donor base more directly.

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Start earning after just 7 minutes of setup

All you need is a bank statement handy to get started. Once you claim your charity, you’re ready to receive donations and donor data instantly, without any additional setup.

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Make accounting frictionless

Spend less time processing funds with direct-to-bank account payments that stay organized in your donations dashboard for quick and easy reconciliation.

Engage Across Platforms

Get millions of new donors engaged with your cause

Maintaining a donor base can be challenging. Percent’s Causes Portal enables you to keep donors engaged with your mission through simple actions from a single hub.

Charity Profile

Update your charity persona from one place to have changes sent out across different partners, networks, and apps.

Donation Milestones

Encourage charitable good from donors by setting milestones per Pound that promote higher amounts of giving.

Status Updates

Send out multimedia updates to donors, keeping them engaged and connected to your cause in a more direct, hands-on way.


Build your donor base with complete peace of mind

Percent engages in secure development from the ground up, ensuring tight control over the distribution of funds to charities globally.

Data encryption

All information passed through Percent adheres to strict AES-256 encryption.

Configurable access

Manage permissions and grant custom view/edit access to your dashboard.

GDPR compliance

Capture customer GDPR consent and enable user privacy requests.
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We're on a mission to power purpose in every business worldwide

We’ve moved millions between brands and charities across 100+ countries and counting.

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