Written by Evie Ridyard | Mar 4, 2021

How to build a credible purpose-driven business: Top 3 questions to ask yourself


The 'C' in our ACE Framework stands for Credibility. We created the ACE framework as a skeleton to help you build a purpose that drives impact & new business, synchronously.

In this article, we're looking at how to ensure your purpose is credible; voicing your commitment to impact is one thing, but supporting it with tangible action is another. Credibility is imperative if your purpose is to genuinely influence your customers' perception of your brand.

We've pulled together the top 3 questions to ask yourself to help craft a credible purpose-driven organisation.


When building a credible purpose:

  1. What causes can you partner with that distinctly align with your brand?
    Committing to social impact doesn’t have to mean taking on the burden of all the work on your own! There's a lot to be said for collaboration. Consider partnering with a relevant and esteemed cause that can help you deliver meaningful impact. A coalition enhances your credibility, as well as your impact.
    Top Tip: we recommend choosing causes that are relevant to your product or service in some way. Deviating too far from what your company offers risks being perceived as performative and can lose legitimacy.

  2. Can you enhance your credibility through allegiance to accredited initiatives?
    An allegiance to reputable initiatives is a great way to demonstrate your credibility. Consider applying for B-Corp status, becoming a 1% for the planet partner, or powering your business with Percent. In a world swamped with greenwashing and virtue signalling, a stamp of approval from a trusted organisation holds great weight.

  3. How are you measuring your impact?
    Be sure to measure and communicate the depth of your impact. Financial Reports, interviews and visual documentation of your work are all hugely influential resources. Think about creative ways you can consistently show your audience that you’re delivering tangible results.


Over the past few years, we've carried out extensive research on customer attitudes towards purpose and how to build credibility in your sphere, so if you'd like some more personalised advice- get in touch! We'd love to see how we can help.

Written by
Evie Ridyard

Content & Marketing Manager