Written by Cody Hays | Jun 5, 2024

The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Nonprofits


The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Nonprofits

Navigating constant changes in social media can be overwhelming, especially with new platforms appearing frequently. There is no silver bullet that answers every need. However, LinkedIn for Nonprofits is a proven method for recruiting and fundraising that you may have overlooked.

Here’s your ultimate guide to getting the most out of LinkedIn for Nonprofits.

LinkedIn Features Specifically for Nonprofits

LinkedIn offers a range of features specifically designed for nonprofits. These include tools for networking, recruiting, and fundraising.

LinkedIn Networking Groups

These groups help you connect with other nonprofit professionals to share ideas and best practices. Whether focused on specific causes, fundraising, or recruitment, there’s a group to expand your network.

LinkedIn Visibility Boosters

Get more eyes on your impact. LinkedIn for Nonprofits provides organizations with specialized visibility features to be sure the right people are seeing your messaging. Using sponsored content, messaging, text, and dynamic ads, you can grab your audience's attention and build awareness.

LinkedIn Analytics Tools

Insight into what is really working – and what’s not. You’ll get access to real-time data about how your posts are performing, who’s engaging with them and how. You’ll also be able to track how effective your recruiting-related campaigns are.

Data is powerful and the insights LinkedIn for Nonprofits provides can help track performance and inform an effective strategy. 

Who Is Eligible for a LinkedIn Nonprofit Discount?

The bottom line of any business drives purchasing decisions. That’s especially true with nonprofits where every dollar could be making a meaningful difference. Eligible members get a 75% LinkedIn nonprofit discount on Sales Navigator Core for fundraising. Eligible members also get a 75% discount on LinkedIn Recruiter Lite for finding passionate talent.

Here’s what you need to be an eligible nonprofit: 

  • Hold recognized, legal charitable status as defined in their countries. In the United States, eligible 501 c 3 organizations can receive the discount.
  • Operate on a not-for-profit basis
  • Have a mission to benefit the broader community
  • Attest to LinkedIn’s anti-discrimination policy
  • Only assign licenses to eligible staff
  • Only use the licenses for their organization and not license partner, affiliate, or sister organizations
  • Agree to specific contract terms, as required by the solution

If your organization meets these requirements, the application process is simple and straightforward. You fill out a short form with basic information about your organization. We use that to verify your eligibility and confirm your email address. Once we’ve confirmed those details, you’re ready to start using the subscription!

To get your application approved quickly, provide proof of your nonprofit status and details about your impact and mission.

The process usually takes about 10 days but it can vary. A LinkedIn nonprofit discount is available to most eligible nonprofit organizations, with the expectation of higher education organizations, credit unions, hospitals, or governmental organizations.

How Does a Nonprofit Use LinkedIn Products?

Both Sales Navigator Core and LinkedIn Recruiter Lite are user-friendly. They also come with plenty of resources to help you make the most of your subscription.

Sales Navigator Core

Sales Navigator Core will help you cultivate potential donors and build strong relationships in a trusted, professional environment.

  • Use targeted searches to find the right connections, decision-makers, and champions for your nonprofit at scale.
  • Tap into your organization's network, spot warm introductions, and get real-time updates on top prospects and donors.
  • Stay up to date about your prospects’ activity to identify the right moment to reach out.
  • Engage directly on LinkedIn through InMail messaging and introductions.

You get all these benefits and more at the discounted price of $25/month compared to $99.99/month.

Recruiter Lite

Recruiter Lite will help you hire people who can transform your organization and bring your mission to life.

  • Build a pipeline of qualified talent to help your nonprofit thrive
  • Fill critical roles faster with daily recommendations, alerts, and templates
  • Build meaningful connections with promising candidates through direct InMail messages

You get all these benefits and more at the discounted price of $42.50/month compared to $169.99/month.

Does LinkedIn Work for Nonprofits?

Take a look at a few case studies for proof. Let’s see how a youth-focused nonprofit expanded its donor pool and increased funding for its mission.

Who: Positive Coaching Alliance is a national nonprofit dedicated to fostering a positive youth sports culture that builds character and helps young people learn essential social and emotional skills. 

The Challenge: Identifying professionals with a passion for youth sports. Positive Coaching Alliance needed to attract new donors and board members. The team knew that its cause resonated with people who had an interest in or history with youth sports. However, finding them typically involved hours of labor-intensive research.

The results:

  • Positive Coaching Alliance has seen a 10% conversion rate when nurturing contacts. This is leading to stronger relationships and engaged board members.
  • At least half of all conversations in LinkedIn Sales Navigator have resulted in engagement from the prospect.
  • Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, they identified and researched 50,000 potential donors that they might not have found otherwise.

What if I Need Help Using the Products?

Don't worry, your subscription comes with a wealth of resources to be sure you’re maximizing your impact. LinkedIn for Nonprofits has an entire Resource Hub with a collection of guides, best practices, and expert advice.

LinkedIn for Nonprofits Tutorial Video

Make the most of the features available by watching the video below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few more frequently asked questions to help cover all our bases.

How long does the discount last and how do I renew it?

Once we validate your organization as eligible, your subscription lasts indefinitely or until your tax exemption documents expire. It renews automatically each year.

Can I share the discount with other members in my organization?

Yes, you can share the LinkedIn nonprofit discount with other eligible staff members in your organization. Use the licenses exclusively for your nonprofit's purposes.

What about other LinkedIn products or a subscription plan?

In addition to Sales Navigator Core and Recruiter Lite, LinkedIn also offers nonprofits discounts on LinkedIn Learning. They do not offer discounts on LinkedIn Premium for Nonprofit or paid advertising on the platform. LinkedIn for Nonprofits is a powerful tool that can help transform your organization's impact. Sign up today to build a stronger network and raise awareness about your mission.

Written by
Cody Hays

Marketing Mission, Chief Executive Officer