Written by Evie Ridyard | Aug 2, 2021

Powered by Percent: Tickets for Good

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What's Tickets for Good?

Tickets for Good are on a mission to “support the improvement of health and well-being and to increase access to events”. They do this by weaving philanthropy into the ticketing experience, enabling event attendees to engage in charitable giving whilst they enjoy events.

Tickets for Good champion equality and accessibility, having significantly increased access to events by offering donated and reduced tickets to members of disadvantaged groups.

They work with venues and promoters across the country to supply discounted and free tickets to NHS staff and charity beneficiaries, as well as using ticket sales to drive donations to important causes.

Percent & Tickets For Good partnership:

Over the past year, Tickets for Good have launched an inspiring project in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. They’re offering NHS & charity workers access to spare and donated tickets to events.

As part of this, they’ve launched a new site specifically for healthcare and frontline workers to access tickets and have embedded donations into their checkout experience, using Percent’s API.

We’re so pleased to have supported them on this wonderful initiative that acknowledges the phenomenal work of Britain's key workers.

Written by
Evie Ridyard

Content & Marketing Manager